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Tibet Carved Eye Handmade Japa Mala 108 Bone Prayer Beads - Meditation Beads

Tibet Carved Eye Handmade Japa Mala 108 Bone Prayer Beads - Meditation Beads

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Tibet Hand-carved Japa Mala 108 Disc Bone Prayer Beads Hand-carved Bullseye  - All Natural, Fair-trade. 🌟👌📿


Bone is a traditional material used in malas in both Nepal and Tibet. Bone represents the earth and our connection to it. Bone is also said to signify strength and to amplify prana (life force energy). Using a bone mala is a reminder of impermanence - the more we contemplate impermanence and death the more fruitful our life becomes.

Malas are used all over by the Buddhists around the world especially they are used in Tibet, Nepal and India. You will always see the monks as well as lay people using them while walking around the stupas or temples or monasteries. A Mala is usually used for prostrations, counting mantras, and so on. It is worn on left wrist while not in use.

Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads Malas are also known as the Buddhist rosary, as a tool for repetition of a mantra during meditation. Prayer beads are used to count mantras, as your fingers pass over one prayer bead for each time you recite the mantra, which allow the mind to focus totally on the mantra, thus to achieve enlightenment easier.

💜 Bead size: 7mm
💜 Mala length: 20"
💜 Handcrafted Tibet


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