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Pure White Large Meditation Yoga Prayer Shawl - Mantra Om Aum Shawl

Pure White Large Meditation Yoga Prayer Shawl - Mantra Om Aum Shawl

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This unisex shawl is designed to be worn during meditation or prayer, but is also warn for comfort when there is a chill in the air or used as decoration in the home and on altars. The soft and light fabric has a slight shine. It is hand-printed in terracotta with the mantra “Om” in decorative Sanskrit letters, an attractive contrast that highlights the ancient prayer.

In Hinduism, the sound of Om is broken down to 'a-u-m', representing the Holy Trinity. The mantra begins with the sound 'a', representing Brahma the Creator, then the middle sound of 'u' is Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe. The concluding 'm' sound symbolizes Shiva the Destroyer who brings the final cycle of existence to the universe before it begins all over again. Om is said to be the primordial sound.

Made of renewable plant fiber, 100% natural fabric, hand printed and hand dyed, exclusive Prabhuji’s Gifts design, vegan, unisex, colorful variety. 

Handmade items, some unique printing patterns differences may be shown.  

LXWXH: 87 ”X 42” X 0.01”
Weight: 0.56 lb
Made in India

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