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Diana Of Ephesus Statue Fertility Prosperity Abundance Modern Roman Goddess 10"

Diana Of Ephesus Statue Fertility Prosperity Abundance Modern Roman Goddess 10"

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Roman Diana of Ephesus Modern Interpretation Statue Handcrafted by Artisans in India Made of Resin with Antique Ivory Color Finish. Remarkable and Intricate Detail.

The goddess's halo, circlet and pendant depict her connection to the moon and its cycles. Her gown is adorned with animals of the forests and fields to represent her role as lady of the beasts.

She stands on a base decorated with intertwined knot work, a reminder of the repeating cycles of life. Halo is adorned on reverse with pentacle and crescent moon.

In this depiction, the hands of the Goddess form the gesture for bestowing worldly and spiritual blessings. This many-breasted Diana is symbolic of a mother's nurturing bosom or a fruitful harvest.

Statues show her gently touching animals. She is crowned with the Goddess’s sacred vessel, and the lunar disk makes a halo around her head.

Diana can be seen as a metaphor for the Earth herself, whose breasted mountains and secret, sacred places in which all living creatures dwell.

Even in the patriarchal era, her worship was so strong that her temple at Ephesus was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

❀ Height: 10”

❀ Width: 2.25”

❀ Depth: 2.5”

❀ Weight : 15.2 oz.


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