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Organic Handmade Colombia Clay Incense Burner Smudging Bowl La Chamba 3.5" Wide

Organic Handmade Colombia Clay Incense Burner Smudging Bowl La Chamba 3.5" Wide

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Handmade Organic Pottery. Unglazed and Completely Natural. Free from Toxins and Chemicals. Perfect for Smudging.  Handmade in Rural Colombia.                                                                           Each Piece Is A Work of Art from A Time-Honored Tradition.


HXW:  2.75" X 3.5" Inches.

Weight: 9 oz.


What is La Chamba -
La Chamba is a line of black clay pots, bowls and other cookware made in Colombia using traditional methods.
It comes from the village of La Chamba, made from natural clay mind int he area.
This clay construction may appear more delicate than traditional metal pots and pans, but it’s quite resilient. . The only caution is that you need to avoid rapid changes in temperature.
Its origins can be traced back at least 700 years to vases and pitchers found in pre-Columbian archaeological sites.
Each piece is hand-crafted using local clays, burnished by hand and fired on-site.
These Chamba pieces are not glazed so there is no lead in the clay. There are also no toxins used in the production of La Chamba. It is still made in the traditional manner, by families in the village of La Chamba, on the banks of the Magdalena River in Central Colombia.
The black color comes from the firing process and the smooth finish of the pieces is the result of painstaking hand-burnishing with stones.


Cleaning Chamba -
After it has been seasoned, Chamba cookware cleans easily. A quick soak and wipe down with a sponge or soft cloth is all you need to clean it. Cleaning in the dishwasher or use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended, nor should you soak your Chamba for long periods of time.


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