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Tibet Kubera Shakti Yellow Jambhala Wealth God Yab-Yum Statue Buddhism 9"

Tibet Kubera Shakti Yellow Jambhala Wealth God Yab-Yum Statue Buddhism 9"

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Rare 3-piece Handcrafted Tibet Buddhism Antique Kubera Yellow Jambhala Buddha Yab Yum with Shakti Tantric Statue 9".


The symbolism of union and sexual polarity is a central teaching Tantric Buddhism, especially in Tibet. The union is realised by the practitioner as a mystical experience within one's own body. Yab-yum is generally understood to represent the primordial (or mystical) union of wisdom and compassion. In Buddhism the masculine form is active, representing the compassion and skillful means (upaya) that have to be developed in order to reach enlightenment. The feminine form is passive and represents wisdom (prajna), which is also necessary to enlightenment. United, the figures symbolize the union necessary to overcome the veils of Maya, the false duality of object and subject. Yab-yum may also be represented through the aniconic signification of yantra and mandala. In Tibetan Buddhism, the same ideas are to be found concerning the bell and the dorje, which, like the yab-yum, symbolize the dualism that must be exceeded. The sacred Tantric practice leads to rapid development of mind by using the experience of bliss, non-duality, and ecstasy while in communion with one's consort.



HXLXD: 9" x 7" x 4.5"

Weight: 5.13 lb.

Handmade in Tibet



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