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Vintage Handcrafted Tibetan Buddhist Ghanta Bell with Dorje Handle 6.8"

Vintage Handcrafted Tibetan Buddhist Ghanta Bell with Dorje Handle 6.8"

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Handcrafted Vintage Brass Tibetan Ghanta Buddhist Meditation Temple Bell with Dorje Handle 6.8"


Authentic hand crafted traditional Tibetan Buddhist Om prayer bell made by traditional Tibetan artisans, with aesthetically carved handle. As per Feng-Shui ringing Om bell creates positive vibration and removes any negative ones from the surrounding. The prayer bell is made of pure bronze with brass carved handle.


The Tibetan Om bell is a typical prayer item found in almost all Tibetan Buddhist families. Made of mainly bronze & brass, the bell is similar to the Hindu temple bells, except for the carving on it, which is symbolic of Buddhist philosophy. Many believe that the sound of the bell attracts the good forces or deities, and drives away obstructing forces. The resonating sound of the bell is also believed to have healing powers and is often used for meditation.


At the highest level, the Bell and Dorje together symbolize the penetrating wisdom and compassion of that most important of Sutras—the Heart Sutra.

“Form is empty. Emptiness is form,” proclaims Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. If the Dorje is form, the Bell is emptiness. Put another way, compassion and wisdom, the path to enlightenment.

As symbols and ritual implements, they are inseparable from the practitioner, in the same way form and emptiness are inseparable in the sutras. Traditionally, the Bell and Dorje must never be separated from each other, either placed together in a place of respect, or held simultaneously by the practitioner, Bell in left hand (wisdom hand), Dorje in right (method hand). But—always together. Thought of another way, the Bell is the Feminine principle (wisdom) and the Dorje is the Male principle (compassion).

In the same way that the entire Heart Sutra can be represented by the great Perfection of Wisdom mantra—Gate Gate Paragate Para Samghate Bodhi Svaha—so, too, does the Bell and Vajra physically represent form and emptiness, compassion and wisdom.



How to correctly hold the Bell or Ghanta.

How to correctly hold the Bell or Ghanta.


* Metal: Brass
* HXLXD: 6.8" X 3.1" X 3.1" Inches.
* Weight: 8.9oz.


 ***This item is pre-owned. Item will have some natural wear on it.
Item is photographed to bring your attention to any easily seen problems.
Please zoom in on the pictures and ask any questions before purchasing.
The pictures are part of the description. Item is SOLD AS IS.***
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