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Solid Brass India God Lord Shiva Siva in Meditation Statue 4" Handcrafted

Solid Brass India God Lord Shiva Siva in Meditation Statue 4" Handcrafted

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 Lovely Handmade India Solid Brass Statue, Supreme God Lord Shiva in Meditation with Fine Detail.


Shiva enters the triad of the main gods, along with Brahma and Vishnu, but is considered the most powerful and powerful of them. According to Hindu philosophy, Shiva destroys the existing world every 9 million years, giving impetus to the development of a new, undefiled world.

Certainly, he is the most vivid and contradictory deity in the religion of the Hindus, which makes him even more powerful and powerful in the eyes of his followers. According to the legends, no one was able to defeat or overthrow Shiva, all, and deities, and demons, bow before him
As the followers of the religion of Hindu believe, the repetition of the name of Lord Siva with due respect enlightens the mind and imparts joy and tranquility, and during the chanting of mantras the spiritual component of a person can take the form of God, be filled with it, become its reflection. This unity with the Higher Powers has a positive effect on a person's life, his health, success in society and much more. Therefore, meditations, various practices of yoga and chanting of mantras do not lose their relevance in the modern world.



HXLXD: 4" x 3" x 2" Inches

Weight: 1 pound

Handmade in India

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