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Sita Ram Greeting Card - Rajasthani Miniature Art Painting India Gods Gift - 5"x7"

Sita Ram Greeting Card - Rajasthani Miniature Art Painting India Gods Gift - 5"x7"

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This line of greeting cards feature traditional Rajasthani miniature paintings depicting images from the Ramayana, Krishna Lila and Mahabharata. The paintings are done with great attention to minute details, with strong lines and bold colors, painted over old stamped government paper and handwritten script.

On the cover: Sita Ram

Inside:  Mantra- Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Jaya Sita Ram


🙏  - Sita is Rama’s feminine reflection. Rama is Sita’s power of action. Their physical manifestation reflects a deeper unity between the two. In addition to being the consort of Rama, Sita represents the ideal of feminine and spousal virtues. She is known for her courage, dedication and purity.


✥ ALL OCCASION CARD: Inside these beautifully ornate greeting cards, you will find the powerful mantras that are corresponding to the deity featured on the card, making them a special gift for every occasion as a meaningful, authentic gift.


✥ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: This unique line of greeting cards is printed on unique matte paper, using mesmerizing colors and handwritten calligriaphy to create a stunning visual experience.


✥ THE PERFECT GIFT: This ornate greeting card is the perfect way to send love to friends and family. Whether you need a thank you, congratulations, or simple friendship card, we have a beautiful card and envelope set to help you show you care.

❃❃❃ Please look closely at photos as part of item description, the product in the images is the EXACT one you will receive and is sold "as is" ❃❃❃


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