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Pentacle Goddess and Lord Statue Set Handmade Resin Altar Statue 8.5"

Pentacle Goddess and Lord Statue Set Handmade Resin Altar Statue 8.5"

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Beautiful Resin Pentacle Altar Statue Set: Pentacle Goddess and Pentacle Lord Statue - Both Are Double Sided Handmade Lovely Statues.


Pentacle Goddess Statue:

This is a beautiful Pentacle Goddess Image by Abby for your altar, sacred space and home. On one side of the Goddess, you will see a Pentacle with Celtic Art Work and on the other is a Steaming Cauldron, Triple moon, and Triquetra. Above the goddess flows the Crescent Moon and stars as she embraces and guides them. This is two statues in one - take turns displaying each side inviting creativity and magical energy!



Pentacle Lord Statue

Pentacle Lord of the Sun: On this unique antique white statue by Abby, one side shows the pentacle and Celtic designs with a sun disk overhead in the arch of oak leaves. The other side reveals the virile oak leaf with acorns, stag's head and crescent moon, with a moon disk above the arching oak leaves and stars and pentacles. The symbols evoke power, wisdom, and connection with life energy.


❀ Height: 8.5”

❀ Width: 2”

❀ Depth: 2”


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