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HUGE Bhairava Mahakala Wooden Mask | Antique Wall Hanging Decor 47"

HUGE Bhairava Mahakala Wooden Mask | Antique Wall Hanging Decor 47"

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This Is A Rare Find For Collectors - Mahakala Bhairav (Shiva Incarnation) Masks Are No Longer Made This Size. The Mask Is  Hand-painted and Hand-carved From A Single Piece of Wood (besides the added earrings and top piece - they come apart). It Is HUGE. The Mask Only Has A Few Small Nicks But Overall In Amazing Condition. This is A Wall Hanging Wooden Mask.


 🔶 Tibetan masks play and important role in traditional Tibetan culture. Before the arrival of Hinduism and Buddhism, various forms of Shamanism dominated the Himalayas. The Shaman would wear these masks to communicate with the ancestral spirits or spirits of nature. When Hinduism and Buddhism replaced Shamanic spirituality the traditional dances and masks remained a part of traditional Himalayan culture and life. However, many of the masks adopted elements of Buddhism or Hinduism, or sometimes both.


🔶 This is a mask of the Bhairava Shiva, a fierce manifestation of Shiva representing annihilation and destruction. Destruction is necessary for rebirth and regrowth and is an integral part of the wheel of existence. This manifestation of Shiva is depicted with a crown of skulls and is worshiped in Nepal and even in parts of Tibet, as well as in India.


❀ Height: 47”  

❀ Width: 33”

❀ Depth: 13”

❀ Weight : 16.2 lbs.

❀ Nepal Handcrafted


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