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Wood Carving Buddhism Mahakala Mask Wall Plaque Hanging - Nepal Handmade 14"

Wood Carving Buddhism Mahakala Mask Wall Plaque Hanging - Nepal Handmade 14"

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Vintage All Wood Protector Mahakala Wall Hanging Mask Mahakala - Handcrafted Hand-painted Nepal - Very Nice Piece.


Tibetan Mahakala wall hanging mask Mahakala is a Protector of all Tibetan Buddhism. Although he may look dangerous, but Mahakala has never been known to harm one being, even in the slightest manner, because he is constantly benefiting beings through the continuous play of the enlightened mind." A Mahakala is worn by Tibetans to keep evil and bad spirit at bay, and for protection.--This metal mask is a carving of Mahakala, the chief Dharmapla that is Protector of the buddhists teachings. He protects the practitioners from the deception and from distractions. He represents the energies of attraction, magnetism and repulsion. His wrathful expression symbolizes the use of energy to cut through powerful obstacles. His third eye expresses the wisdom of Omniscience. The five skulls signify victory over the five emotional obscurations. As he is the defender of law, he is always provided a good position at the entrance to Buddhist Shrines.Place this mask in front of your house and keep negativity away from your home.


* HXLXD: 14" X 13" X 6.5" Inches.
* Weight: 2.10 lbs.
* Handmade In Nepal



***Please keep in mind that this is a Vintage Piece and has its normal signs of wear. This is what gives it it's character and confirms its age. Item is being sold in "as-is condition". Note:  Please use photos as part of the description.***

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