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Beautiful Gaura Gour Nitai Brass Deities India God Statue W/ Clothes and Crowns 7"

Beautiful Gaura Gour Nitai Brass Deities India God Statue W/ Clothes and Crowns 7"

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Pre-owned Lovely Deities of Sri Gaura Nitai are sure to captivate your hearts and get enlivened by your service. The deities are handcrafted by the finest Indian craftsmen. Come with Clothes and Crowns.


The two Lords Gaura and Nitai, also known as Gauranga or Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda. Gauranga means ‘One with golden bodily complexion’ and Nityananda means ’He who embodies eternal bliss’.

Lord Gaura and Nitai are amazingly, and unlimitedly merciful forms of God, who have come to Earth to deliver the especially fallen souls (i.e, us!) living in the current time of quarrel and hypocrisy or Kali-yuga . Their lila (divine activities) are very deep and confidential and only the fortunate can enter into them or describe them–we will pray to do our best. Lord Nityananda is considered an extension of the mercy of Shri Chaitanya, and in that way even more merciful. According the scripture Chaitanya Bhagavat, Shri Chaitanya gave prema or love of Godhead to those who wanted that love, while Shri Nityananda gave this love to those that were reluctant to accept it.


🌹 Height: 7" X 3.75" X 3" Inches.
🌹 Weight: 3 lbs.
🌹 Handcrafted by Skilled artisans from India.


Pre-owned deities is wonderful condition. Please look closely at photos as part of item description, we gladly answer all questions, item is sold "as is" .

We value your business, thank your interest, and welcome questions

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