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Handcrafted Vintage Brass Siva Shiva Lingam Snake Crowning Statue Figure 3.8"

Handcrafted Vintage Brass Siva Shiva Lingam Snake Crowning Statue Figure 3.8"

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According to Mahabharata and Matsya Purana, Shiva's linga is the divine phallus, the source of the soul-seed which contains within it the essence of the entire cosmos. All life is created from it and when life is destroyed, it returns to the primal phallus of Shiva. Together with the yoni bhaga which forms its base, the linga represents the union of man and woman, Shiva and Shakti, the Cosmic spirit combined with the cosmic substance that makes existence possible.

The serpent represents the coiled energy of Kundalini, the power that enables seeds to germinate. Shiva, always in touch with Nature's mysteries, has a close relationship with serpents. He is also called their lord, Naga-natha. In this Shiva linga, on a three-tier base, stands a semi-circular yoni with the protruding linga bearing. Shiva's mark of three horizontal lines and his third eye placed obliquely. Two large serpents form the edge of the yoni bhaga with their hoods serving as an umbrella over the linga. One snake coils around the linga and faces towards the narrower part of the yoni.


This simple, yet powerful symbol of Shiva is any Shaivite's delight and owner's pride.

* Metal: Brass.
* HXLXW: 3.8" X 4.2" X 2.5" Inches.
* Weight: 4.3oz
* Made In India.
* Handcrafted by Skilled artisans from India.


***Pre-owned statue in great condition with some natural oxidation and pitting. Please see photos for details. Statue is sold as seen in photos please look carefully at the images for all the details before making your purchase.***

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