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Selenite Half Moon Crystal Tea Light Candle Holder Selenite Home Decor Gift

Selenite Half Moon Crystal Tea Light Candle Holder Selenite Home Decor Gift

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This Half Moon-shaped Natural Selenite Gemstone Candle Holder Makes a Perfect Gift Combining The Protective and Peaceful Powers of The Crystal Stone Along with A Message of Love.


Named for its connection to Selene, the moon goddess, Selenite is a calming crystal that instills peace and is an excellent stone for meditation. Selenite is a powerful, high vibration crystal that has the capacity to quickly clear blocked or stagnant energy. It can also be used to cleanse other crystals as well as for healing purposes. Selenite crystals magnify the energy of any other gemstone that is placed upon it, making it perfect for reactivating and recharging your jewelry and other healing crystals. It is a very delicate gemstone that promotes serenity and spiritual growth.

Selenite is the crystal form of the mineral gypsum made up of hydrous calcium sulfate. Selenite is formed from the evaporation of highly saline water such as lakes, seawater, hot springs and volcanic vapors.


❃ Comes with 1 white tea light candle.

❃ LXW: 4.75” X 2.5"

❃ Weight: 1 lb.

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