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9.25" Goddess Lalitha Devi Statue Tripura Sundari Lalita India Mother Goddess

9.25" Goddess Lalitha Devi Statue Tripura Sundari Lalita India Mother Goddess

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This Beautiful Statue Of India Goddess Mata Lalitha Devi, is Handmade of A Mixture of Sacred Ganges Clay and Resin. It Has Been Crafted by India Artisans with Individual Precision and Care. It Will Make A Beautiful Addition to Your Altar, Temple, or Mandir, A Lovely Housewarming Gift, Or Even An Appreciation Gift To Husband, Wife, Friend, or Any Loved One.


Goddess Lalitha devi is worshiped as the universal mother embodying the powers of creation, protection and destruction. She is worshiped in many forms and names especially during the festival of Navaratri.

Lalitha is associated with the secret mantra of Sri Vidya, the panchadashakshari mantra. A Guru reveals it only to the most highly deserving disciples, as this divine knowledge or vidya should not be shared with anyone who is wicked, depraved or unfaithful. Lalitha's mantra is "tripurasundaryai vidmahe kameshvaryai dhimahi tanno klinne prachodayat."

Lalita holds five flowery arrows, noose, goad and bow, and sometimes a pot of honey. The noose represents attachment, the goad represents repulsion, the sugarcane bow represents the mind and the flowery arrows are the five sense objects.

She is considered to contain both Kali's power and Durga’s grace. She has a third eye on her forehead, is four-armed, wearing a red sari and jewels. She is seated on a lotus seat on golden throne, with a chakra symbol at her feet. She is shown with symbols connected to Shiva


❀ Height: 9.25”

❀ Width: 5.5”

❀ Depth: 2.25”

❀ Weight : 2.3 lbs.

❀ Handcrafted In India



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