Soy Candle for Root Muladhara Chakra Meditation Scented with Essential Oils

Soy Candle for Root Muladhara Chakra Meditation Scented with Essential Oils

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New in Package Soy Candle for Chakra Meditation Scented with Essential Oils | Root Chakra Muladhara | Sandalwood | Grounding and Serenity - 10.5oz


These scented pure soy candles were crafted in accordance with ancient Kundalini wisdom in order to open and stimulate the seven main energy centers (chakras) located in our astral body. This candle is aesthetically pleasing while fulfilling the intention to bring serenity and the sense of being grounded.

Aroma: This aromatherapy candle features Sandalwood.

  • Top notes: Ocean Mist Accord, Shredded Coconut.
  • Middle notes: Iris Petals, Coconut Milk, Cyclamen.
  • Dry notes: Mysore Sandalwood, Patchouli, Crystallized Musk.

Intention: Burn this candle to facilitate the opening of the Muladhara Chakra, the first energy center that, when functioning properly, brings the feeling of being grounded and serene. This chakra brings us in touch with the element of earth.

“If mūlādhāra-cakra is functioning normally, we experience an intense desire to live. It is closely tied to confidence and our relationship to money, home, and work. It influences our ability to nourish ourselves and stay strong. If this center is open, it allows us to clearly analyze situations we find ourselves in. We experience great strength of will, constancy, capacity for renewal, and we feel very close to nature. A proper connection with the first center keeps us appropriately situated in the physical reality, with a fighting spirit and essential tools for our development in the world.” From the book Kundalini… the power is in you by Prabhuji.

Key features:

  • This candle’s aroma was chosen based on the wisdom of yogic aromatherapy for chakra stimulation.
  • 100% vegetable-based candles made with premium soy wax for a highly clean and non-toxic burn.
  • Scented with a blend of essential oils, following the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines.
  • The candle comes with guidance for chakra meditation based on the book “Kundalini… the power is in you” by Prabhuji.
  • Pure cotton wick.
  • Hand-poured in USA.
  • The glass jar complies with ASTM safety standards.
  • An ideal candle for spas, yoga studios, meditation rooms, and altars.



A unique combination of Oriental Sandalwood notes laced with Crystallized Musk and Patchouli, all supported by Iris Petals, Coconut Milk, and a relaxing Ocean Mist Accord to stimulate and awaken the Root chakra located at the base of the spinal cord.

Hand-poured in the USA using only high-grade pure soy wax and essential oils, this essential oil candle offers a combination of an elegant design, alluring scent, and pure burning. The lid comes with a design that allows the light to project the carved pattern onto the walls. The geometric pattern of the lid is an ancient yantra, a mystical diagram used in meditation for its occult powers described by Hindu astrology and Tantric texts.

Name explanation: The Muladhara Chakra is one of seven energy centers in our body. It is the first chakra, located at the base of the spine and associated with the element of earth.


The soy wax used in this candle is environmentally friendly. Candles have no artificial colors. The lid is handmade by artists according to the traditional Indian method, producing minimal waste.

How to use:

  1. Put your candle on a heat resistant surface within sight.
  2. Remove the lid.
  3. Trim the wick to ¼".
  4. Light the candle with a match or lighter.
  5. Carefully place the lid on for illuminated design.
  6. If the lid is left on while burning, it might discolor.
  7. Burn the candle without the lid for stronger fragrance.
  8. Enjoy the alluring aroma and meditative atmosphere.
  9. If you wish to practice chakra meditation, follow the instructions provided on the dust cover.
  10. Burn the candle no longer than 4 hours.
  11. To extinguish the candle, do not lift the lid because it will be hot. We recommend using a wick dipper to push the wick into the molten wax then bring the wick back up again.
  12. Allow to cool before relighting.


Keep away from things that may catch fire. Burn on a heat resistant surface. Trim the wick to 1/4” each time the candle is relit. Avoid drafts. Keep the wax pool free of debris. For best results, burn for 4 hours, extinguish, and allow to cool before relighting.

Chakra meditation guidance:

When the Root Chakra is balanced, one experiences grounding and serenity. To balance this center, light the candle and sit in the lotus posture. Close your eyes, direct your attention to the base of your spinal cord, and visualize the earth element.

When you inhale, perceive the sandalwood fragrance. When you exhale, mentally repeat the mantra Laṁ. Open your eyes and fix your attention upon the illuminated geometric diagram (yantra) engraved into the lid. Perform the Triangle Posture (trikoṇāsana).

  • Location: Spinal cord base
  • Posture: Triangle
  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Red
  • Mantra: Lam
  • Aroma: Sandalwood

Contains: 1 candle 10.5 oz
DXH: 3.37”X4.25”
Weight: 1.80 lb
Burns: 50-60 hours
Made in USA

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