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Sage Smudge Kit Soapstone Burner 1 Yerba Santa, White Sage Wand, Palo Santo Stick

Sage Smudge Kit Soapstone Burner 1 Yerba Santa, White Sage Wand, Palo Santo Stick

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Perfect Smudging Kit- Hand-carved Decorative Natural Soapstone Burner with Elephant Blessing Carved Decor. White Sage, Yerba Santa, Palo Santo, Smudge Kit for Clearing Negativity, Cleansing, Purifying, Meditation, Peacefulness, Love and Attraction.


Yerba Santa is burned for its spiritual and medicinal properties. This evergreen smudge is grown and harvested by hand in California, where they are bundled into 4-5-inch-long smudge sticks with pure cotton string, perfect for smudging small and large areas alike, such as a single room or entire home. Its smoke purifies and protects. Our bundles are hand-harvested in the environmental, sustainable and traditional Native American method.


White Sage has a rich, bitter and strong aromatic scent with naturally inherent qualities suitable to purify the body, mind and spirit. It is sought after for its ability to cleanse negative energies that have accumulated in the surroundings and as well as the astral body.


Kit consists of:

1 Open Elephant Soapstone Burner 4.5"

1 Large Palo Santo Stick

1 Yerba Santa Wand

1 White Sage Wand

Weight (entire kit): 1.8 Lbs.


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