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Rosary - Wooden Prayer Beads - Cross pendent

Rosary - Wooden Prayer Beads - Cross pendent

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The Holy Rosary refers to a form of prayer used in the Catholic Church and to the string of knots or beads used to count the component prayers. 
The prayers that comprise the Rosary are arranged in sets of ten Hail Marys, called decades. Each decade is preceded by one Lord's Prayer and followed by one Glory Be. During recitation of each set, thought is given to one of the Mysteries of the Rosary, which recall events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. Five decades are recited per rosary. Other prayers are sometimes added before or after each decade. Rosary beads are an aid towards saying these prayers in the proper sequence.

Dark brown wood beads. Light brown wood cross pendent. 

Overall length 16".

Drop length: 3.5".

8 mm bead.

Weight 0.5 oz

Condition: Brand New



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