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Hephaestus Statue | Greek Roman God of Fire and Blacksmith Altar Deity 9.5"

Hephaestus Statue | Greek Roman God of Fire and Blacksmith Altar Deity 9.5"

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Gorgeous and Detailed Handmade Green and Bronze Resin Statue of Greek God Hephaestus - Son of Zeus and Hera and Husband to Aphrodite. This Statue Will Make an Absolutely Beautiful Addition to Any Altar or Home.

✿ ✿ Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera and married to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. His Roman name is Vulcan from which we get the word volcano.

Hephaestus, the god of fire, was known to be a great blacksmith who created wondrous, magnificent works. Some of them were the golden chariot and the golden cups for the sun-god Helios, a golden shield for the heroes Heracles, Achilles and Diomedes, the scepter and the throne of Zeus, as well as bows for the twin gods Artemis and Apollo. Up on Mount Olympus, Hephaestus built a bronze palace for the gods and crafted golden robot-like statues to serve him. Those statues looked similar to young women and had their own voice, strength and thought.

To men, Hephaestus was a very kind and loveable god. He taught glorious crafts throughout the world including metalworking, stonemasonry, architecture and sculpture, and along with Athena brought civilizing arts to mankind. Prometheus stole the fire he brought from heaven and gave to mankind from Hephaestus' Forge.

❀ Height: 9.5”

❀ Width: 7”

❀ Depth: 3”

❀ Weight : 1.12 lbs.


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