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Egyptian Nile River Goddess Statue - Mother Goddess Altar Statue Handmade 10"

Egyptian Nile River Goddess Statue - Mother Goddess Altar Statue Handmade 10"

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Handmade 10" Resin Egypt Nile River Goddess Altar Statue with Brown and Gray River Stone Color Finish - Egyptian Mother Goddess Replica Statuette. 


Neolithic Egyptian mother goddess that pays homage to the original found in Mamariya, Egypt. The hook-shaped hands of this goddess from early Egypt (a people who called themselves the Kemi) symbolize regeneration, an evocative image of the life-death-life principle of reincarnation.

The Mother Goddess's identity is a combination of the Ancient Bird and Serpent Goddess of Regeneration and the Cow Horned Queen of Heaven represented by a category of votive figurines called "Great Woman with Upraised Arms." The upraised arms are a magical gesture of the evocation and appearance of the Deity. This gesture is associated with the ancient female mystery rite of "drawing down the Moon" and encountered also in the Egyptian hieroglyph for the Ka (symbol of the soul).

The Nile Goddess image is often adopted by Wiccans as a symbol of the Divine Goddess.


 ✥ Height: 10"

 ✥ Width: 5"

 ✥ Depth: 1.75"

 ✥ Weight: 14.2 oz.


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