Solid Brass Laughing Maitreya Happy Buddha holding Ruyi (Scepter) Statue 4"

Solid Brass Laughing Maitreya Happy Buddha holding Ruyi (Scepter) Statue 4"

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The classic oriental folk deity, called Hotei in Japanese and Budai in Chinese, the "Laughing Buddha" in the US. This round, bald gentleman was a Zen Buddhist monk. He traveled the Far East in the 10th century, spreading happiness and good fortune. Hotei is also considered to be one of the seven 'Lucky Gods'. In much of the Far East, statues of Hotei or Budai are thought to bring good fortune and felicity to the household or business. This Laughing Buddha sculpture is depicted to carry a Ruyi or scepter, symbolizing power and authority which in turn leads to achievement of goals and subsequent abundance. He holds a string of prayer beads on his other hand for additional blessings.

Place the Laughing Buddha in your office table or reception area of your shop to bring wealth luck and harmony as well as to prevent the evil-eye.

For Feng Shui purposes. You may also display the Laughing Buddha in the Northwest for mentor luck, South West for Matriarch luck or to boost career luck in the North.


* Metal: Brass.
* HXLXD: 3.5" X 3.75" X 3.75" Inches.
* Weight: 2 lbs.
* Handcrafted by Skilled artisans.

***Please look closely at photos as part of item description. Statue is new and has some natural oxidation and pitting that gives it a unique lovely look, the product in the images is the one you will receive and is sold "as is"***

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