Authentic Palo Santo Traditional Incense Sticks - Power & Purification

Authentic Palo Santo Traditional Incense Sticks - Power & Purification

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The ancient practice of Shamanism teaches us that plants have spirits, and that these spirits can be strong medicine. The shaman turns to the spirit of the plant, asking for healing. It is believed that the spirit of the Palo Santo tree contains within it a wisdom that enables the smoke of this burning wood to heal people, but it is a sensitive process that requires a great deal of respect for the tree. It has been burned by Shamans for centuries to clear negativity, attract positive vibrations, as the naturally fragrant smoke of this sacred wood enters and purifies the energetic field. It is also sought after to enhance meditation and concentration. These incense sticks are extremely unique in that they are not held together by any chemicals or isolated oils, but are a rare blend of 100% natural ingredients.


How to use: Light the tip of the incense until it catches fire. Blow it out and place the smoking incense stick into an incense holder. Use with caution and never leave unattended. Keep out of reach of children and away from flammable articles.


Contains: 6 incense sticks, 5" each
LXWXH: 2"x0.625"x7"
Weight: 0.4 oz.

Made in Colombia
Life is too short to live without the Authentic Palo Santo Traditional Incense Sticks - Power & Purification. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 01, 2022

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