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Black Madonna Le Puy Mary Statue with Child Jesus in Hands - Handmade 8.75"

Black Madonna Le Puy Mary Statue with Child Jesus in Hands - Handmade 8.75"

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This Beautiful Black Madonna, Virgin of Le Puy, with Jesus Child, was Skillfully Handmade Out of Gypsum Stone and Hand-painted in  Majestic Robes and Throne in India by Artisans in Careful Unique Process. She Makes A Gift of Love, To Ones' Altar, As Spiritual Inspirational Decor, Housewarming Gift, or A Blessed Gift To Occasion of Choice (Wedding, Anniversary...)

Black Madonna is venerated in Le Puy in many forms: According to tradition, the first appearance of the Madonna took place in 46 AD, another in 420. In the Middle Ages, people prayed in front of a "holy image" , in front of which an eternal light was erected by order of the Counts of Toulouse (who later became close to the Cathars).

The Madonna venerated in the High Middle Ages was probably a statue of Isis, which was among the treasures of the Grand Sultan of Babylon, who gave it to Saint Louis. She was lost during the French Revolution; however, today's Madonna is a true likeness. (It is unusual that the child also has white protective hands like its mother.)



❀ Height: 8.75”

❀ Length: 2.5”

❀ Depth: 3”

❀ Weight : 1.13 lbs.

❀ Handcrafted by Artisans

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