Antique Brass Garuda Carrying Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi on His Shoulder Statues

Antique Brass Garuda Carrying Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi on His Shoulder Statues

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A set of Lovely 4 Vintage Statues of India Garuda Carrying Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on His Shoulder.


Garuda carrying Vishnu with Lakshmi seated on his lap, has been one of the many popular themes for idol casting in South India.

Such intricate work in a replica icon this small a size is very difficult to implement and hard to find these days. The features and details in the statue are clearly visible.

The statue depicts "Lord Vishnu" who is also called "Narayana" riding the Half Human Half Eagle deity "Garuda" along with his wife "Lakshmi".

Garuda is a Half human Half Eagle creature from the Hindu mythology who is the career of Lord Vishnu / Narayana who is the all merciful god and preserver of all creations.

Vishnu is one of the principle deities in the Hindu religion along with Bramha (The Creator) and Shiva (The Destroyer) and is considered the Preserver of all creations.

According to the religion whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos, and destructive forces, Lord Vishnu will incarnate as the protector of the universe and destroy all the evil forces to restore peace and harmony.

Hindu gods like Rama and Krishna are considered to be reincarnations of Lord Vishnu/ Narayana.


* Metal: Brass.
* HXLXD: 3.5" X 1.75" X 1.5" Inches.
* Weight: 1.7lbs
* Handcrafted by Skilled artisans from India.



***Vintage pre-owned statues in wonderful condition with patina. Please see photos as part of item description. Item sold "as is"***

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