Acrylic Painting By Prabhuji - Acrylic on Canvas, New York

Acrylic Painting By Prabhuji - Acrylic on Canvas, New York

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..."We are all born artists. Since I got stuck in childhood, I consider myself one of them: a certified weirdo for whom art is more than enough. Security brings with it a bit of death; that is why we artists choose uncertainty. But we have a special gift to move in the dark by our own light. Aware of the abyss that separates revelation and our works, we live in a frustrated attempt to faithfully express the mystery of the spirit.

I paint sighs, hopes, silences, aspirations, and melancholies… inner landscapes and sunsets of the soul. I am a painter of the indescribable, inexpressible, and indefinable of our depths… and maybe I just write colors and paint words.
Since childhood, little windows of paper captivated my attention; through them I visited places, met people, and made friends."... ~ excerpt from Prabhuji's biography.

Your unconditional well-wisher,

Canvas size: 24" x 24"

Framed size: 27 1/4" x 27 1/4"

Frame: Espresso, wood

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